Astronomy Pictures

    Astronomy pictures or pictures of astronomy objects are quite beautiful. These subjects are difficult to capture due to the vast distances, low light levels because of their distance, as well as these objects appear to be in constant motion because of the earth’s rotation. At times, overcoming these difficulties of capturing these subjects in the eye of the digital camera can be quite frustrating. Through determination and a few successes in the beginning, I’ve learned to gather the data and create Astronomy Pictures.
Using a moderate setup, which started with a Meade LX200 telescope and an SBIG 237A CCD camera, I was able to learn the basics of digital astrophotography. With each upgrade, an SBIG-ST7e, Canon Digital Rebel and an Orion 80ED Refractor, along with post processing skills, I’ve seen my skills improve which was evident to me in creating this web site. I have posted my astronomy pictures on this site listing them from the earlier beginnings with the SBIG ST-237a to recent images using the SBIG ST-2000XM and Canon Digital Rebel. Follow this link to see Bob’s Astronomy Pictures to see my journey up the learning curve.

Messier Objects
Be sure to visit the Messier Object List, a compilation of amateur astronomy pictures taken by myself as well as members of the San Diego Astronomy Association’s Astro-Imagers-Special-Interest Group ( AISIG) to show the Messier Catalog photographically. The Messier Catalog is a collection of galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters, objects difficult to distinguish from comets with the telescopes available in the 18th century and cataloged by French astronomer Charles Messier. These objects are considered the showpieces of the night sky.
San Diego Astronomy
This site was originally created as an astronomy tool for the members of the San Diego Astronomy Association (SDAA). It has evolved into more, but I have kept those original astronomer's tools intact.  The astronomy tools are included to help with astrophotography and visual observing with telescopes like weather forecasts for Tierra del Sol in eastern San Diego County. Click the following link to get more information about the San Diego CA Weather Forecast.  Another valuable astronomy tool is the Moon Phase Calendar to see the moon's phase when planning your astronomy picture taking and observing session. Here you will find moon rise and set times and well as sun rise and set times.
The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is one of NASA's greatest success stories.This instrument has produced some of the most breathtaking astronomy pictures ever seen. See the Astronomy Picture of the Day, a showcase of one of these extraordinary images from HST, a different picture every day.



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